With the State Department in Kabul, Afghanistan

We lived in an adobe house with a large yard enclosed in high walls. Outside was the main street of Shar-i-Nau, but inside was a private playground for the family.

Deirdre and Jennifer climbing on the jungle gym, 1974

Deirdre and Jennifer climbing on the jungle gym, 1976

Deirdre and Nana, 1975

The girls liked Nana to play with them because she was just their size

A sock seller

In the winter, these Hazara socks kept our toes warm in a house heated with only one fireplace

Knife sharpeners in Shar-i-Nau

On our walks around town, we would stop to watch the skilled knife sharpeners at work

David's job as Commercial Officer involved visits to provincial capitals all around the country. We traveled to all but one during the three years we were there, and of course went back to visit Farah. Here are some of the pictures we took.

A typical bus in the desert

Sometimes we traveled by local bus

The Ghazni Minar

Sometimes we went by horse-drawn carriage--like this trip to the minaret on the Ghazni road

An Afghan we met in the mountains

An Afghan we met in the mountains

A man and his son

A man and his son who came to a buzkashi game

Sufi FaslAhmad in his shop

Sufi FaslAhmad was the import merchant in Farah

The girls meeting Sufi and the teachers

We took our daughters to Farah to meet Sufi and our fellow teachers from Peace Corps days