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Weekend in the Seychelles! – David

Spring Break!!! We found ourselves arriving in the Seychelles at 8:00am Sunday morning, with absolutely no obligations until after departure at 10:00pm on Monday. Two glorious days in paradise. And it is. The Seychelles (115 islands of which about a … Continue reading

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Incredible India – David

It is probably not possible to say anything about India for which the opposite is not also true. Leave it as the land of contrasts. Incredible growth and obvious wealth, opportunity and boom-times excitement living side by side with static, … Continue reading

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Chennai, India (formerly Madras)

So we pulled into Chennai a little late—this busy port didn’t have a berth for us at 8 a.m. but one became available at 10 or so. The dock (two levels) was full of cars.  We later learned that Hyundais … Continue reading

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Crossing the Line

So we crossed the equator in the middle of the night. Then the day started with a message under the door waiting for each of us polliwogs when we woke up. Unworthy people (polliwogs) had crossed the equator without asking … Continue reading

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