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A Brief Visit to Cabo Verde

We had a long passage from Cape Town, with continuous classes. The students were exhausted, I was exhausted – and we all needed a break. We got it at the port of São Vicente, on the island of Mindelo in … Continue reading

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Sickness At Sea – David

Sailing from Chennai to the Seychelles. (This didn’t get uploaded in sequence–it belongs between Chennai and The Seychelles–but I thought it was interesting enough to upload, now that I’ve discovered the omission. Elizabeth) GI ailment(s) have hit the ship. 4% … Continue reading

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The Wedding – March 10, 2008

Romance came into full bloom on the ship. Kirsten is an Australian of German origin, and is a teacher on the ship. Giovanni (Gianni) is an Australian of Italian origin, and he came as her fiancé/guest. They spent hours on … Continue reading

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Rounding the Cape to Cape Town

On Feb. 27, after a fairly rough passage (Elizabeth had to pass out more of her sea-sick patches to others) we crossed the line where the Pacific meets the Atlantic (two different colors- you can really tell) and pulled into … Continue reading

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