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David & Elizabeth @ Acrosanti, AZ

David and Elizabeth McGaffey are getting ready to sail on The Scholar Ship. The Ship leaves from Hong Kong on January 2, 2008, so we don’t have too much time to get ready. We have our Chinese visas, at least. Funny story: We usually get massages from Paul on Wednesday morning. But, this being Thanksgiving weekend, we were leaving on Wednesday afternoon, so we had to pick up our Chinese visas on Wednesday morning. So we took off across the Bay Bridge at rush hour to go to the Chinese Embassy. It soon became clear that we would be late for massage, so I called Paul. I told him we were on our way to SF for our Chinese visas. Hours later we showed up for our massage and explained that we had successfully gotten our visas. “Oh, said Paul, “I thought you said ‘Chinese pizzas’. I know you have all sorts of things you do, so I figured your family had some tradition of eating Chinese pizza for Thanksgiving.” So there you have it–expect oddities. E

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