Packing for Macedonia – September 2010

Packing, a house full of full suitcases, and piles of items that “must” get in somehow.  We’re leaving in two days via Air Berlin.  They have a very clever way of insuring that you don’t overpack.  A small first suitcase is free.  A second up to 50 pounds is $65.00.  A third up to 70 pounds is $150 and over that it’s $450 US dollars per pound or suitcase.  So there will be things we don’t have with us.  And of course we’re trying to bring clothes appropriate for teaching and also for rock climbing plus parties and whatever for three seasons.  But it’s beginning to fall into place.

First Crop--in September

This has been a very cool summer, so the Early Girl tomatoes that would normally be ripe in August are just ready now.  We’re eating some now, but they’ll be at their peak next week.   Howard and Cheryl have offered to cook for us until we leave–and you bet we took them up on it.  So we have had the first of our tomatoes as part of a fantastic pasta dinner heavy on the fresh basil and garlic.  What could be better?

Last Friday we went to yoga for the last time and Luciana, a fellow exerciser took a photo of us with our teacher.  We will have that to compare with when we come back-I hope not too much fatter.

After yoga class with Don

And the Bible Study Group came together for a wonderful party at MaryAnn’s house.  It was a fantastic dinner-choice of chicken or ribs-with salads, vegetables, potatoes AND too many desserts to eat.  In fact, we will finish the hunk of four-layer (icing in between each layer) dark chocolate cake today.  We’ve been nibbling at it, and it’s almost gone.  The lemon bars and the lemon cake are all finished.  We will remember that dinner-and the conversations, and especially the singing around the piano-while we are far from home.  We took not a single photo, so you’ll just have to believe us.

And then there were dinners with Thea and the Behrstocks. All I can say about those meals is that we are lucky to be friends with such fabulous cooks. Alice Waters couldn’t have provided more delicious, fresh, tasty, and interesting food.

Today, as we were congratulating ourselves for being fully packed (almost), the vacuum cleaner died.  So as soon as we take care of the car insurance (Howard and Cheryl are going to rent the Prius from us while they are here), we have to go out and buy another vacuum.  Good thing Alameda still has local stores.

We are going by way of Greece to get some business taken care of, and will then train or car from Thessaloniki to Skopje, arriving (Enshallah) on Sept. 17. We will then have ten days to move in, figure out what and how things work, and prepare for classes which start Sept. 27. Wish us luck.

What we leave behind . . .

Well, so now you know how we spent our last week in Alameda–eating and packing.  I just wanted to get something out so I can send an email to let everyone know what’s going on and where to look for the ongoing.  We’re not planning on being lonely because we hope for a lot of email to keep us up with what is going on in the U.S.

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