Sickness At Sea – David

Sailing from Chennai to the Seychelles. (This didn’t get uploaded in sequence–it belongs between Chennai and The Seychelles–but I thought it was interesting enough to upload, now that I’ve discovered the omission. Elizabeth)

GI ailment(s) have hit the ship. 4% (11) of the students are down with bad tummies after India – probably because of (failed) adaptations to the common microbes of India, but possibly something more serious. The standard treatment is instant quarantine, sometimes with roommate, to see if they recover after three days. So far, they seem to be doing so. The real excitement is learning that if a cruise ship has more than 3% illness, it must report it before docking, and may or may not be allowed to dock. If it has more than 5% illness, it is considered a plague ship, and will not be allowed to dock. Initially, the students largely ignored quarantine – sneaking visits, etc. Since that news, (self-) discipline is rigorous, because no one wants to ruin chances for our planned docking in the Seychelles. Tension remains high, waiting to hear if we slip below the 3% mark before we must report. It is also doing curious things to classes – we never know who will show up for a session – but we cope.

LATE NEWS – a mass of people were let out of quarantine last night, just before we had to report – so the Seychelles are OK.

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